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Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo cheap Russia plans to expand the regional market



 Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo cheap Russia plans to expand the regional market

 (Release date: July 17 104 years)
Horiaki Koyama, executive vice president of Japan's Fast Retailing Group statement l expressed during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum meeting, the group's clothing brand Uniqlo in a total of seven stores in Moscow, next meter exhibition store to other Russian cities.
l He said the Group's investment in Russia will help Russian management personnel training, and to create more jobs for the locals; but at the same time, he also hoped that the Russian Government Association to simplify customs procedures and strengthen logistics network development, to improve the local business environment for development.
l Fast Retailing's Uniqlo brand in 1984 established the first shop in Hiroshima, Japan, Russia entered the market after 2010, opened the first store in Russia Atrium department store in Moscow. Currently there are 1,500 Uniqlo stores worldwide, traveling throughout 16 countries. 2014 The Group net income growth of 21% up to $ 12.84 billion, net profit fell to 13.6% of $ 725 million.
l Fast Retailing Group, in addition Uniqlo, also owns GU and Theory clothing brand. In 2014 the number of stores the sum total of all the 2,753 homes. Fast Retailing Group plans this year added 200 stores, of which 100 will be located in China mainland.
Source: St. Petersburg Taiwan Trade Center