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Comments: Wearable Technology - a fad



 Comments: Wearable Technology - a fad? (On)

Wearable technology is "transient fever" or a fad? Or something left behind in this? Both from the commercial and legal point of view, what are the challenges facing the wearable Technology is? Technology Transactions Group partner law firm Cooley LLP --Sarah Pearce, examine these issues and to discuss its future impact.

l wearable technology primarily for new business opportunities on behalf of brands, including a major new opportunities for traditional and luxury fashion brand, hope in the fashion and retail market to gain a competitive advantage. Currently wearable technology is very widespread, almost all have become part of our purchase, and therefore, ultimately, wearable technology has deeply into our lives, it is difficult to escape the fashion "digitized" and "Fashion Technology" appearance.

What types of devices already exist?

  In general, wearable devices now exist mostly accessories, especially in the following two categories based industries: (1) fitness, health and medical care; (2) combining the transmission of information and entertainment products, such as smart watches or glasses.

  Perhaps most people talked about the current market wearable device is a smart watch. As of recently, the only real Silicon Valley technology companies to invest time and resources, and get some progress in this area. However, the traditional Swiss watchmakers have taken some action in cooperation with technology suppliers, trying to produce their own versions.

by Sarah Pearce