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Adidas in the United States for its rapid plant planning



 German sporting goods giant adidas ready tomorrow (2017) in the United States by the end of the launch of its "change the industry" patterns fast factory (Speedfactory), the next few years will further expand the program, and thus enhance the project with an annual capacity to 1 million pair of sneakers.

The concept is to plant fast l automated module production unit using robot technology to produce quick response and flexibility to provide individual consumers unique customized products.

 today (2016) in May, adidas announced that its pilot plant in Rapid City Ansbach, Germany is ready to start next year for large-scale production of footwear, and subsequently said it plans to rapidly expand the plant to the United States.

adidas Quick factory ready for mass production

Gerd Manz l adidas vice president of scientific and technological innovation, said: "By creating a fast site, we challenge conventional, disrupt the status quo of our industry today's consumers live in a constantly changing world, which has shaped their behavior and expectations. they asked for a new product, to obtain immediately, there is no room for compromise. factory allows us to quickly than ever before and more than anyone else to meet consumer demand speed, aesthetics and performance requirements. "

 In the investor conference on July 18, adidas factory quickly explain plan support the company's strategy selection: speed, major cities and open source, which are the basis of policy adidas Group 2020 business plan.

through from start to finish remodeling its entire business model, product category from planning to product development, procurement, supply chain, to market and sell, adidas said it expects this will greatly enhance the speed of its products onto the market.

In addition, for those harmonization complementary products, adidas will expand its program to ensure that the most representative and most consumers desire products can always buy into and never out of stock.

2020, adidas is expected to bring 50% of net sales through the rapid production of products.

"Our goal is to consumers when needed, to provide products to them. Speed ​​is one of the most powerful way to reach the goal of our group. This will change the way we develop, manufacture and distribution of the product the way, will also be completely change our current business model. we will be transformed into the adidas Group first truly rapid production of sports enterprises, and speed will be our key competitive advantage ", adidas Vice Chairman Franck Denglos fast department said.

This is not the first time adidas will rapidly priority. In March this year, adidas has been through reduced manufacturing lead time, and increase teenagers NEO Lifestyle label shoes seasonal product development, to establish a reference point to quickly cut into the market.

The key focus adidas 2020 annual growth plan to market quickly

adidas added that the focus on "major city" on, like Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo, these cities all other parts of the world "example." Through the promotion of combined marketing and retail, adidas hope the next five years, sales in each of these urban centers have doubled growth.

adidas represents invited athletes, advertisers, consumers and other partners to "change the game" open source project through its patterns together to shape the future of sports and sports culture.

June of this year, adidas rapper and singer-turned-designer Kanye West reached a long-term contract, that is "the most significant ever partnership between sports brands and non-athletes," so-called.

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