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Global brand value rankings released,UNIQLO higher than adidas



  Global brand value rankings released,

 (Release Date: July 6 104 years)
 l British advertising giant WWP every year the company released the first global brand value rankings. Today (2015) the global clothing brand published results, UNIQLO brand value actually ranked higher adidas and Ralph Lauren.
 l Japan "ZUU Online" reported recently mentioned today (2015) to calculate the value of the brand and ranking all by the British research company Millward Brown. That is the amount of money marked brand value, through published financial reports of enterprises, the brand consumers do question the results obtained investigation. The following are the top 10 apparel brands listed.
 Article 10: TOMMY HILFIGER, 25.8 billion, up + 29%
      TOMMY HILFIGER American casual wear brand has more than 1,400 stores in more than 90 countries worldwide. Preppy Style With the popularity of the brand sales also followed growth. (Preppy Style in American Ivy League campus clothing represented the pursuit of high-quality but low-key.) In recent years, in order to strengthen the Chinese mainland market, the 30th anniversary of the brand, scheduled to open in Beijing as a souvenir shop. In addition, beginning this fall will only use professional tennis player Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) as a brand ambassador.
Article 9: Lululemon, 28.98 billion US dollars, up 11%
       Founded in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada, yoga clothing brand Lululemon, the yoga craze in the world to grow up fast. In Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries, its popularity is large, said yoga clothing will naturally link up with Lululemon. 2013 due to issues such as fabrics recall, once in sales and a decline in reliability, but the trend in the world of health boom have gradually recovered.
Article 8: Hugo Boss, 43.2 billion, up 5%
       German luxury men's brand. In Europe, Asia, and therefore belong to high-priced merchandise sales did not change, but also by the impact of the Russian economic crisis has led to lower volumes. Last year, the Chinese mainland in the shop replace all outlets, aims to further enhance the brand image.
Article 7: adidas, 46.15 billion US dollars, up 36%
     German sporting goods brand. Although sponsored the 2014 World Cup has achieved good results, but Russia's economic downturn and the golf sector sales fell a tremendous impact on the whole. But adidas in e-commerce there is tremendous growth rate. Mid-term management plan is until 2020, sales of 14.5 billion to 20.5 billion euros.
Article 6: Ralph Lauren, 56.43 billion. Up to 11%
      As the United States representative brand, Ralph Lauren since the competitors cut prices not only affect the sales outlets, even the earnings and share prices fell. Transfer and unified brand image, Ralph Lauren future strategies need to emphasize consistency worldview.
 Article 5: NEXT, 59.73 billion, up + 5%
     Founded in the UK casual wear brand in Japan, though not high profile, but NEXT was the highest sales in the world's upper clothing brand. Currently it has 500 stores in the UK, more than 40 other countries, has more than 200 shops.
Article 4: UNIQLO, 80 774 million US dollars, up + 11%
      UNIQLO brand value has improved significantly in the last year, this year is jumped to the first four. 2014 to enter the German market, while in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan the number of stores has continued to grow. UNIQLO wishing innovative technology and stylish integration, combined with local market trends and develop more fashion and function of both commodities.
Article 3: H & M, 138.27 billion, up 11%
     Swedish fast-fashion brand famous. 2014 in the United States and mainland China as the center, a total of 379 newly opened stores, in 55 countries currently have more than 3,000 stores. This fall, H & M Beauty will officially enter the field of cosmetics.
Article 2: ZARA, 220.36 billion, up 5%
      1975 birth of the Spanish fashion brand ZARA unstoppable. Although UNIQLO is also a fast fashion brand from Inditex Group Overall, sales in the world is actually UNIQLO several times. Has many designer brands, control the volume of production in order to accommodate the rapid turnover of commodity strategy, in addition ZARA recently begun to strengthen e-commerce.
Article 1: NIKE, 297.17 billion, up + 21%
       NIKE continuation of last year's result this year is still to win. With sponsorship Sochi Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl and other major sports events, performance status NIKE great. Especially in e-commerce sales year 2014 is growing by 42%. Together with its subsidiaries, including all sales reached nearly 3 trillion yen.
l more than a few of the top brands are basically no big change, the majority of the list of fast fashion brand, in addition with the popularity of the Internet and savvy consumers demands for price and quality is rising every year, the brand will undoubtedly We are facing severe competition test. The future development of key brands, also to emerging countries as the center, to carry out globalization strategy and e-commerce business.
    [Source: China Textile Economic Information Network]