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Business projects and product structures



 Since 2014 the company began to produce all kinds of elastic cloth and garment fabric, from weaving , dyeing and finishing , stereotypes, clothing, with vertical integration of production and supply chain, and cut into the functional functional distributed species while integrating market, specializes in features elastic cloth and clothing of the development, research and development of functional fabrics issued epidemic, sports, leisure, environmental protection, etc., can be widely used in high fashion, sportswear , casual wear, pajamas inside,Medical Supplies, equipment and other diversified product line rhythm and has been sold to the world's leading brands and retailers.


 In addition, the company is also the OEM factory for the transformation of OEM ODM design manufacturer, and with brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Tumi, UA   , Poter, Logitech and other brands of cooperation, to expand production capacity in recent years, more sustained, played vertically integrated effects.


 (1) The business project and product mix


 The main products for industrial weaving, furniture with a flat-woven, plain weave elastic cloth, plain weave cloth garments, functional fabrics and functional fabrics, in 2015 revenues accounted for: industrial fabrics, purses, shoes account 54%, garments 46% (including elastic cloth).  Proportion of domestic sales accounted for 60%, 40% export ratio


 2015 of the casual sports apparel and clothing fabrics, the proportion rose to 40% from 20%, and positive transformation for a variety of functional, functional fabrics supplier.


 (Ii) products and competitive conditions

  Product and Technology Overview


 On the technical side, the positive development of functional elastic cloth,   Such as by the bombs, Elastic, fake bombs, and Simian Dan and other kinds of cloth.


 Materials are N, N + OP, T, T + OP, etc., Danny number from fine single Nigerian crude 30D ~ Danny ~ 1200D .... Etc, clothing fabrics and laminated fabrics with a cloth with a cloth


 (Iii) Professional processing projects


 Additional features of the process, such as moisture, perspiration, sunlight resistant, anti-UV, water repellent, antibacterial


 (Iv) customer-oriented


 We uphold customer priority, and to quality, delivery, quick response as the basis, the production of differentiated products, providing customers with functional products.


 Yee offer hope of change allows customers to get the most support and love.


 (E) Production and Study Cooperation


 Industry, government and university cooperation development projects

1.  Cooperative development and materials development Nylon66 dyed fiber composite Feng Chia University

2.  In cooperation with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop proposed water-based PU case