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Under Armor launched its first customized service



 Under Armor, the American sports apparel brand, recently launched a line of apparel retailers that tailor-made and delivered suitable product recommendations based on consumer specific training needs and personal style.

The product recommendations are personally curated by stylists and come from the customers of UA.com and Under Armor Connected Fitness. ArmorBox is Under Armor's first subscription service with free registration, shipping and return service, currently only available in the United States.
Subscribers can use Under Armor's latest equipment on a quarterly basis and can opt to ship every 30, 60 or 90 days, each containing 4 to 6 items tailored to their profile. In addition, subscribers can also send notes to them so-called "official accessories" to identify specific items or needs.
Like Amazon's Prime Wardrobe service, ArmorBox lets customers book clothes, shoes and accessories for free and offers a 7 day purchase decision. Customers simply pay for what they want to keep, and if the customer chooses to keep everything in the box and buy it, You get a 20% discount.
To provide customized services, Under Armor uses its AI system to help its stylists make preliminary recommendations based on subscribers' profile and to acquire Connected Fitness customers at UA.com and Under Armor. For example, subscribers who run a few miles a fixed week receive the latest equipment notification, which is obtained from Connected Fitness customer and ecommerce data, and these fixed-runners often buy and actively review.

Under Armor has introduced new services such as Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, as well as the recently launched Amazon Prime Wardrobe subscription service, which brings new competition to traditional apparel retailers.

Source: Textile Federation