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Opening of Manufacturing Innovation Center Under Armour



Under Armour (UA) Local manufacturing of the most advanced vision with the establishment of new facilities in the United States is taking shape, the facility will serve as a center of innovation UA ​​manufacturing and design.

occupies 35,000 square feet of "UA Lighthouse" today (2016) on June 28 opening fake UA headquarters in Baltimore, UA will be the development of new cutting-edge products and efficient manufacturing process innovation testing center.

UA Lighthouse last only as guidelines UA product manufacturing, the research and development of new products and technology will be transferred to the other partner factories for mass production.

 UA founder and CEO Kevin Plank explained: "UA Lighthouse will serve as the company's light, in order to better, faster, and more efficiently manufactured products."

UA Lighthouse owns advanced technologies, including 3D design and body scans can be used to design customized footwear and clothing, reducing the development process waste.

 In addition, there are also 3D printing for rapid prototyping and production tools, can design ideas into tangible products; clothing and footwear prototyping technology allows designers and developers can test and improve products and processes, and not only beyond the traditional cutting manufacturing methods; test production line can produce a comprehensive assessment of how the concept of environment will be performed.

 The innovation will also serve as the basis UA localized vision, the product may be carried out in local markets around the world design and manufacturing: the manufacture of products to provide the US market in the United States, Brazilian manufactured products in Brazil and other markets.

When l went (2015) mentioned in this initiative, Plank explains: "As an innovative company, not only to innovation into all of our products into, but also to integrate in a more efficient way to build a better product in the way."

Plank added that "UA Lighthouse will these new technologies and commercialization process, and we are the first to integrate existing supply chain partners, changing products to market, pricing, cost and speed of labor power."

 Plank also expressed complain of reality: "the way we manufacture of footwear and clothing and the same as 80 years ago, I do not think our industry will be incredibly innovative."

Source: Textile Federation