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Under Armor set up footwear design innovation center



Under Armor opened a global innovation center for footwear in Portland, Oregon, with faster time-to-market and greater digital capabilities as part of its plans to build a stronger and more intelligent company The

The company said that the footwear design and development with the same under a roof, will help its current footwear business the most important push. The new innovation center includes a biomechanical laboratory and athlete testing performance training center, and will be by the designers and developers to use real-time performance analysis to accelerate its design process.

Under Armor's office in Portland (UA PDX) is the home of a design, development and innovation team that is building the next generation of footwear products for basketball, running, training, golf, sports and outdoor use.

Located in the southwestern Portland 70,000 square feet of buildings, designed to connect designers and developers, combined with innovative teams around the world and the use of real-time performance analysis to simplify and improve the design process speed.

"Footwear is a key driver of our long-term growth and success, and we have built a solid foundation, and now, UA PDX represents a great leap forward in leading-edge shoes," said Peter Ruppe, senior vice president of footwear for Under Armors. In the build can make athletes have better performance goals. "

The sportswear manufacturer's global presence is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and in Portland, Oregon, near its rival Nike and adidas's North American headquarters.

As the Under Armor rapid growth path began to slow down, the sportswear manufacturers are now positioning itself as a more responsive organization, can more effectively raise funds to help the company grow

Source: Textile Federation