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H & M launches sustainable sportswear line



 Swedish fashion retailer H & Mauritz (H & M) unveiled its newest sustainable product line, Global Sportswear, as part of its commitment to a closed-loop recovery and a more sustainable future.

(H & M) introduced its latest sustainable product, the Global Sportswear Collection.
˙Garments in the Conscious sportswear series is mainly made of recycled polyester and elastic fiber.
˙ The series is to drive H & M towards a more sustainable fashion future, reaching its 100% cycle of the overall goal.
Garments in the Conscious Tracksuit range are made mainly of recycled polyester and elastic fibers with a quick-drying, extremely comfortable fit with functional details such as built-in support and vents that feature training, running and yoga Use-based, the types include tights, sports bras, hoodies and blouses.
Petra Smeds, chief designer of H & M sportswear, explains: "By combining functionality and femininity, we aim to provide our customers with a trend-conscious, conscious range of sports that goes beyond fabric - and we also take advantage of a new Knit technology to create seamless garments, while also reducing the waste of yarn or fabric, with this combination of function and sustainable thinking and fashion is the future direction of development. "
The launch of the Conscious Sweater series at designated retail outlets around the world and on sale online January 4 this year (2018) is the driving force behind H & M's move towards a more sustainable future in order to achieve its 100% recurring goal.
The retailer is also one of the largest users of recycled polyester fibers in the world and one of the largest buyers of organic cotton with the goal of 100% sustainable cotton by 2020.
Source: Textile Federation